What To Expect
The word "worship" means to ascribe worth to something, so our worship services are designed to ultimately and primarily bring honor and glory to our great God.  We believe He is supremely worthy of our praise and worship, so our services celebrate and exalt His awesomeness.  

As you approach the front door at our meeting location (Hebron Christian Academy), you'll be greeted by one of our friendly and helpful volunteers who will be able to point you to the Worship Center, the children's area, the restroom, the coffee station, or whatever else you might need. 

With respect to music style, we are contemporary with a passion for biblically rich lyrical content. With respect to sermons, we believe strongly in expository preaching.  Essentially this means preaching/teaching straight from the text of the Bible.  Normally this means we'll be working through a book of the Bible on Sunday mornings, but even when we're in a more "topical" series, what you'll get is Bible-saturated Bible teaching.  

With respect to atmosphere, we are casual.  No need to put on your Sunday best...come as you are, inside and out.

Sundays @ 10:30am

For more information about the church, look under "About Us" on the menu.  
To ask specific questions, please e-mail us at info@newbranchchurch.org, or by calling us at 678-561-0041.