Bible Reading Plan


The Bible is God's inspired Word to us, and we encourage every believer to daily nourish their soul on the life-giving truth found within it. The Gospel saves us and reunites us with our glorious God, and we grow in our knowledge of Him as we encounter Him on the pages of Scriptures.  The Bible is a precious gift to us that is intended to be read, studied, memorized, and applied.

Many have found that having a Daily Bible Reading Plan is a great way to stay consistent in reading God's Word,  Below is a reading plan that Pastor Ken put together and many here at NewBranch are using.  You can even use the Bible Verse Look-up link at the bottom of this page to do your reading online.

This Bible Reading plan goes through the whole Old Testament once and the New Testament twice in two years.  The amount of reading is manageable, requiring approximately two chapters of Bible reading each day.  The plan essentially goes through a book of the Bible at a time alternating between Old and New Testament books (and separated by a few days in Psalms and Proverbs in between).  You can follow along each month on this website, or you can download the complete Two Year Bible Reading Plan here.

Remember, the point is NOT to follow a reading plan as if it were something on your To-Do list that you just check-off each day...but to encounter the living God through His living Word.  May God bless you as you seek Him daily.


Odd nnmbered years (i.e. 2015, 2017)                                          Even numbered years (i.e. 2016, 2018)
January                                                                                                     January
February                                                                                                   February
March                                                                                                       March
April                                                                                                          April
May                                                                                                          May
June                                                                                                          June
July                                                                                                           July
August                                                                                                      August
September                                                                                                 September
October                                                                                                     October
November                                                                                                  November
December                                                                                                  December
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